School Supply Lists

School Supply lists

Each year teachers are asked to revise the list of supplies required for each grade. The new list is provided for AISB students and parents before the end of the school year allowing for the purchase of supplies for the following year.

Dear Parent of Elementary Student

Most elementary supply lists are similar with a few changes to adjust for the changes in grade levels.  Please note that in addition to the classroom supply lists, there are lists for French, Art, and Technology.  Items on the Technology supply list are optional according to the age of your child and dependent on if we return to distance learning.

Kindly, write your child’s name on every item of your child’s school supplies and uniforms. 

Students in First Grade and older can help by using a permanent marker to write their names or initials on all pencils, pens, crayons, etc.  This will help us keep track of things at school.

Students in Pre-K3 to First Grade will need a change of clothing to be kept at school.  All students will need a daily snack.

School supplies such as paper, pencils sharpeners, rulers, pencil cases, markers, erasers, folders, and glue sticks will be used in your child’s main classroom, Art, French, Music, and Chinese as necessary.

Your child’s teacher will keep extra supplies and disperse to the students as needed.  When your child’s supplies need to be replenished the teacher will let you know.  Students should keep a set of separate supplies at home to avoid taking supplies from school. 

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