Grade 11 & 12

During their high school years, AISB students in Gr 9-12 take the following core subjects: Mathematics (Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus); Science (General Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics); Social Studies (World History, Ancient History, American History); Language Arts (Language Arts, Literary genres and Analysis, American Literature, British Literature); and French. They also take specialist subjects that include Physical Education (athletics and swimming); Art; Music; Drama; and IT.

In their after school hours students take part in selected activities that may include: soccer, basketball, swimming, Model United Nations, and numerous other clubs.

The secondary school incorporates a Community Service component for all students in which grade level groups design and implement sustainable community-based projects.

Middle School Grading Scale (grades 11 & 12 only)

During the first week of school, teachers will distribute a course syllabus to students that explains the assessment criteria and measures for each course within the school’s established percentage ranges. The grading scale for the High School is as follows:

93-100% A Excellent

90-92% A-

87-89% B+ Commendable

83-86% B

80-82% B-

77-79% C+ Satisfactory

73-76% C

70-72% C-

67-69% D+ Poor

63-66% D

60-62% D-

Below 60% F Failing