Frequently Asked Question

Answer: Fill out the admissions forms, submit accompanying documents and pay the admissions fee.

Answer: AISB accepts applications throughout the school year for present attendance. If you are applying for the next school year, we recommend you begin the process in April of the prior year.

Answer: AISB is the only English-medium school in Brazzaville. The curriculum taught is American-based, using resources from a variety of education systems. We operate on a quarter / semester system with school beginning in August and ending in June.

AISB believes in educating the whole person by offering a comprehensive education that includes core classes (English / Language Arts, Science, Math, Social Studies), world language (French), art, music, drama, physical education, technology, and advisory / classroom guidance. In addition, service learning is a focus at all levels.

The quality of care and individualized attention of our students makes AISB stand out. AISB has small classes with differentiated instruction. Our teachers are qualified educators with appropriate degrees and certifications coming from the United States, Canada, and other countries around the world.

Answer: A student’s application for admissions is reviewed as a whole. The criteria reviewed when making a decision of a child’s placement is:

  • The admissions assessment results
  • The age of the child on the 1st of October
  • The number of years they have attended school
  • Their previous education
  • Their academic readiness in English