Additional Admissions Information

Student Records

Students applying to AISB must provide accurate original school records for the previous two years of schooling. Grade reports and / or transcripts that are not in English must be officially translated and a grading key provided. Falsifying records or failing to provide accurate information during the application process may result in denied admission and / or continuation of attendance.

Students with Limited English Proficiency

Students entering AISB with limited or no English proficiency will be considered for admissions. Children in the Early Childhood Program (Pre-kindergarten, and Kindergarten) with limited or no English skills receive no formal English Language Learners (ELL) instruction, as the natural ability of children to learn language through classroom games and activities is promoted within the regular classroom. From grade 1 through high school, ELL support classes are supplemental to the regular program of instruction and have an additional fee. The need for ELL services shall be determined through placement tests indicating levels of reading, writing, spoken English and recommendations from AISB staff.