Admission Conditions and Fees

Admission requirements

1- Have obtained the Baccalaureate (recent or dating back no more than 2 years) from secondary education, scientific or mathematical series with a mention Good or better.

2- Have an intermediate-advanced language level in French.

3- French tests and programs and level required for admission.

4- Students could benefit from merit scholarships.

  • TFI – International French Test (ETS) – General Public Sessions Only
  • DELF/DALF – Diploma in French language studies / Advanced diploma in French language
  • TCF – French knowledge test
  • TEF – French assessment test
  • AP – Advanced Placement (French)
  • SAT – Scholastic Assessment Test (French)

For more details regarding language requirements consulted:


Preparatory year (A1) in Brazzaville

Annual tuition fees of US$12,000, or  5,000,000. FCFA per student for 15 courses (30 credits).

Tuition fees for subsequent years at HEC Montréal can be viewed here: