Board of Directors

Who are we ?

The African Foundation for Education (AFE) was created in 2011 with the aim of improving the educational offer by implementing educational projects. The AFE has among its endeavors several achievements, including the creation of the American International School of Brazzaville (AISB), which is an international school providing courses in English. In 2021, the FAE launched the Professional Training Center (PTC) whose objective is to enable professionals and students to acquire new skills through training in specific areas necessary for the workplace. The Linguistic Center, dedicated to the teaching of the English language, has been set up within the PTC of the AFE.  

About AISB

“The American International School of Brazzaville is an independent, non-sectarian and coeducational
school founded in 2012 by the African Foundation for Education (AFE).

Board Member profiles

Holder of an MBA in business administration and management and a DEA in international economics,Ms. Fatima BEYINA-MOUSSA is a professional with more than 20 years of experience as an auditor and economist. She is currently the CEO of ECAir and President of the African Foundation for Education (AFE). She was elected to the Brazzaville City Council in 2022.


Mr. Bel-Gaza holds a Master’s degree in economics and finance as well as a certificate in international trade and finance. He is the founder and CEO of AFRIKA FINANCE, in addition to being the founder and chairman of BH Oil, an oil distribution company. Mr. Bel-Gaza is passionate about the eradication of poverty and has been heavily involved in various charitable activities.

Mr. Bel-Gaza BEYINA

With a Master’s degree in project management and more than 20 years of experience, Mr. Francis WEGA has helped the management of more than 40 companies in various business sectors, from the United States to Africa. He is promoter of ACEP Management consulting firm, specializing in strategic management and project management.

Mr. Francis WEGA

Passionate about extreme sports, a sport trainer and expert in human development for more than 30 years. Mr Eliphal has put his experience at the service of the youth by leading youth transformation projects across the continent. He is the General Secretary of the AFE.


The American International School of Brazzaville Board of Trustees is responsible for the well-being and future of the school; It has a strategic role and its responsibilities are as follows:

● Implementation of the principles and policies that guides School operations
● Financial planning and approval of the annual budget
● Hire, evaluate and support the school’s Director
● Periodic review of AISB admissions procedures
● Ensure programs have adequate resources to meet the needs of all students

The Board of Trustees is composed of at least five and at most nine members, including 3 permanent
members, who are the founders of the school. Among the founders of the school are included:

● Ms. Fatima BEYINA-MOUSSA – Board Chair
● Mr. Francis WEGA – Founding member
● Mr. Eliphal BALLOULA-TOUADI – Founding Member

The Board of Directors appoints new members for a fixed term based on the needs and objectives of the

Currently, the Board of Trustees is filled by the following 3 members:
● A Representative of the United States Embassy
● A Representative of United Nations agencies
● A WHO Representative